Zambia: Company Profile of City Drive Rent A Car Limited
City Drive Rent A Car Limited

City Drive Rent A Car Limited

Sector: Car Rental

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City Drive Rent A Car is a diversified premier travel solutions company which seeks to provide innovative transport, tour and travel solutions to individuals and companies looking to rent a car for short or long term use.


The company has an enthusiastic and friendly team of staff members who are dedicated to providing clients with a memorable experience. Whether you’re a tourist visiting the country for the first time or a business traveler looking for a convenient mode of transport, Accommodation and leisure activities we will be at your service to provide and arrange all these, tailored to meet your needs.


The company became fully established and operational in October 2009. With only one car in its fleet the management team worked hard to grow the company. A few years later the fleet grew exponentially with a corresponding growth in the customer base. The company started off selling a generic product ‘Car Rental” but afterwards widened its product base to include products such as fully equipped 4x4’s.In an effort to provide a one stop shop for clients the company launched its premier Travel and tour service called City Drive Travel in October 2014.This complimentary service will provide convenience to the client and will enable clients not only rent a vehicle from City Drive but also arrange Accommodation and safari/leisure activities through City Drives system.


City Drive has experienced good growth in its 5 years of existence. The company started with only one vehicle on the fleet, five years later the fleet has expanded exponentially at more than 12 cars. This is considering the fact that the company has predominantly used retained earnings to expand. This has seen limited use of loans capital and no use of equity capital to date. The company is also one of the few providing fully equipped 4x4 vehicles for bush camping and adventure. This product though popular amongst tourists has seen many players shun away from it presumably due to the high risks it carries


City Drive has 2 main service subdivisions. The first is the car rental section which mainly deals in hiring out cars. Products under this division include; Adventure camper (fully equipped 4×4) This is a popular choice for both local and international tourists. With a fully equipped vehicle, touring national parks and seeing the beautiful and breathtaking Zambian flora and fauna becomes convenient and fun; Lease it (long term car rental) This service enables clients to rent a vehicle for weeks, months or even years. Ideal for companies who do not want to pay for a vehicle upfront, tying up funds in non-strategic assets. City Drive leases out sedan cars, 4x4s and minibuses. Clients select the car which best suits their needs; Transit (short term car rental) Short term car rental is ideal for clients who would like to use a car for a few days. If your car is held up at the garage or you have visitors you’d like to arrange transport for, this is the product for you. The range of cars under transit rentals includes saloon cars, 4x4s and minibuses; Replacement vehicle service: City Drive Rent A Car provides a replacement vehicle service for Insurance policy holders in the event that their cars are in the garage after a breakdown or involved in an accident. Car replacement is done within 24 hours of the request. This facility ensures that policy holders are not inconvenienced and are able to continue being mobile without any inconveniences. City Drive has partnered with major Insurance companies to provide this particular service to policy holders, allowing clients that have insured their cars with these major Insurance companies to enjoy the replacement vehicle service.


The second Subdivision service is called City Drive Travel where we provide a complimentary Tour operation service. We specialize in Zambian tours and safaris. Our team of Experts is able to book and arrange Accommodation, Chauffeured airport transfers and wide range of Safari Activities. All these can be arranged in the major tourist attraction hotspots in Zambia including Lower Zambezi National park, South Luangwa, Kafue National Park and Livingstone/Vic Falls. We also have on offer exciting tour packages and we are able to design tailor made tour packages in accordance to your needs .This is a new project launched last year to provide clients with a one stop shop.


City Drive is looking in to possibility of developing an application which would provide useful data about Zambia and its road network and infrastructure. We believe this will be useful to visiting business clients and tourists and will be integrated with the entire City Drive service. The company is also putting in place plans to expand to other parts/Cities of Zambia


City Drive is already part of a bigger world value chain. We are currently connected and work with a number of travel agents and tour operators from around the world. This enables all visitors sent by these travel agents from wherever they are coming from to be well taken care of by City Drive once they arrive in Zambia. Eventually when we have the opportunity to expand beyond Zambia’s boarders we will become even more integrated in to the world village.