Alejandro Rojas

This is a job that combines all the elements of what I always knew I wanted. I wasn’t sure such a job even existed until I found WINNE. This has been a lifetime of experiences full of challenges, satisfaction, and adventure.

Anna Patrascoiu

Forget about a 9 to 5 schedule, forget about the same boring road to the office in the morning, and forget about dealing with the same people every day. Discover a different you, and discover a new world every day—All of this in a fast-paced work environment and while constantly brushing shoulders with some of the most influential businessmen and politicians in the world. Embrace a Nomad experience with WINNE and you will thank yourself later. Life begins where your comfort zone ends!

Christa Halby

The lifestyle, freedom, and experience are quite unique to WINNE. The biggest problem is figuring out when to stop. I’m still working on that one…

Corinne Semaille

Today, I’m very proud to have worked for WINNE. I sacrificed part of my personal life, and I never really knew what the word “stability” meant, but I did learn the true meaning of international experience, adventure, responsibility, and diversity!

Esther Posadilla

WINNE is not only a great, fun company to work for, but it is also where I have met some of my friends for life.

Luis Aparicio

This job is an opportunity I will treasure for my entire life. There are incredible moments, and sometimes it can be a struggle to complete your tasks. At the end of the day, however, this job is great for those who prefer a “work hard/play hard” lifestyle.

Manuel Sainz

If you are an enthusiastic, open-minded, and outgoing person; if you want to have the opportunity to meet key political figures and economic leaders from whom you will be able to learn a lot; if you want to get the chance to deeply know the reality behind different cultures; if you are a nonconformist who wants to be a citizen of the world—learning and experiencing it for yourself; if you want to go beyond preconceived notions and start making your own judgments; if you want to live a unique experience while making good money; and if you are now ready to Make Things Happen in your life: stop reading this and make the move, because working for WINNE is not just a job, it’s a life-changing adventure!

Sara Tendero

I was looking for adventure and a challenge, and over the past few months, I have only been getting better and better at what I do. I wish I could explain in a few sentences what exactly it feels like to be a Nomad, but it´s really an experience you need to experience for yourself!

Stéphanie Huertas

Being a Nomad is all about independence and freedom. It means networking, constantly learning, new experiences, and testing oneself day after day. It’s all of this in one, exciting job. Intense, isn’t it?

Tatiana Petit

This job not only gives you the opportunity to learn about the world around you, but also about yourself. All the people you meet on a daily-basis help to enrich your life, open you up to new horizons, and they also help to open your mind. The nomad life is like a never ending sharing that will make you grow everyday a little bit more.

Valérie Janczewski

Working as an International Communication Consultant has taken me around the world. Having visited more than 45 countries worldwide, I have formed a special love-affair with Africa, where I ended up buying a house, renovating it, and opening a five-room hotel in Fez, Morocco. This job has really changed my lifestyle! After six years of working for WINNE and with personal interactions with over 20 country presidents, I feel I have developed unmatched negotiation and PR skills!

Wuendy Cárdenas

I remember dreaming of a job that would allow me to travel and put to work everything I had learned. I also remember seeing WINNE’s job description: “a nomad life, business oriented experience, unbelievable places all over the world…” This job was made for me!

Xavier Bruneau

This job has given me the opportunity to fully live and understand the cultures of countries that I would have never visited on my own. The great variety of experiences I've lived through has thoroughly developed my capacity to adapt to any situation.