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  1. Is this a multi-media company or simply an advertising company?

    This is, indeed, a multi-media company. We publish our own magazine, eBiz Africa Review, and a business guide, eBiz Guides. We also create promotional case studies that are published in such media outlets as Harvard Business Review and ABC.

    While each of these projects is quite different, they all do have an advertising component. Like any multi-media company, advertising is absolutely essential to continue funding our projects. That being said, we take the greatest care in ensuring the highest of standards in our editorial content, and we are proud to be able to give other companies the opportunity to be featured in our materials.

  2. What is the distribution of our materials?

    Our eBiz guides are available in bookstores and airports around the world. Our guides can be purchased through a number of online book vendors, and they can be found on our eBiz Guides website as well. Our promotional case studies can be found wherever the media outlet is sold.

  3. What steps are taken to ensure that your promotional reports do not suffer in quality?

    Even in our promotional reports, we take great care in putting together case studies with interesting, valuable content for our potential readers. Our teams spend up to three months in each country or region gathering materials and conducting interviews. The information they gather is then sent to our editorial department, and it is transformed into an editorial piece. The only companies we invite to participate in our report are those who are at the top of their sectors and would fit in nicely with our editorial objective. When all is said and done, we send off our editorial to the media outlet, and it is ultimately up to them to decide whether or not the writing and content is up to their standard.

  4. How do we go about choosing a country or region to focus on in our guides and case studies?

    Our teams are always on the lookout for countries and regions that would make perfect candidates to be included in our ever-growing list of eBiz Guides and promotional case studies. We have a team in our headquarters in Madrid researching daily which countries are on the rise and in need of some help rebranding themselves to the rest of the world.

  5. Is the promotional part of the case studies directly related to the editorial part?

    Absolutely. We only solicit participation in our case studies to companies and organizations that are directly related to our editorial angle. In doing so, we create a seamless and relevant case study that is both informative and thought-provoking.

  6. Is the promotional part of the eBiz Guides directly related to the editorial part?

    Not necessarily. There is no necessary correlation between the editorial content of the eBiz Guides and the promotional aspect of the guide. eBiz Guides are sector focused and explanatory—any advertising included in the guide has no bearing on the content of the guide itself.

  7. Who exactly is traveling to the country to conduct the research and interviews?

    We generally send teams of two reporters to conduct the on-site research and interviews. The reporters are university educated, highly-intelligent professionals dedicated to country research and reporting. As the position requires quite a bit of travel, the reporters tend to be young professionals with a high-level of interest in international business, politics, and travel.

  8. After a team leaves a country, how long does it take for a case study or eBiz Guide to be published?

    It can take us anywhere from three to six months to publish a guide or case study, depending on the length and quality of our materials.

  9. What is country branding?

    Country branding refers to how the rest of the world perceives a country to be, both culturally and economically speaking. At any given moment, there are a number of countries or regions on the verge of making important political or economic changes that would be of great interest to foreign investors. Unfortunately, many of these same countries have little branding or all the wrong branding should they be interested in acquiring foreign investments and more international recognition.

    That is where we come in. We recognize the value and the real change some of these countries or regions are experiencing, and when the time is right, we often choose to open a project in that country or region to raise awareness to their cause.

  10. I’m interested in improving my country or region’s international image. How can World Investment News help with that?

    We specialize in country/region branding and rebranding. The world’s perception of countries and regions has a lot more to do with marketing than most people realize. We believe there is good to be found in all places, and we work hard to make sure that people take the good into account when thinking about doing business or travel to particular areas around the world. If you are interested in working with us to achieve this goal, please send us an e-mail, and we would be happy to explain how you can get involved in a project that suits your goals for your country or region. (Contact Us)

  11. I think my country or region would be a great choice for your next eBiz Guide or case study. Who can I get in contact with to suggest my country or region?

    Send us an e-mail, and we would be happy to explain how you can get involved in one of our guides or case studies. (Contact Us)

  12. I would like to place an advertisement for my company in one of your guides or case studies? How can I make this happen?

    Send us an e-mail, and we would be happy to explain how you can get involved in one of our guides or case studies. (Contact Us)

  13. How do you go about choosing which media outlet to work with for your promotional case studies?

    We have a number of media outlets with whom we collaborate, and we generally prepare our case studies with a particular media outlet in mind. We structure our editorial and choose to feature companies that we feel would be of interest to that particular media outlet’s reader base.

  14. How much is the eBiz Guides mobile phone app, and how does it work exactly?

    Our eBiz Guides are now accessible via our mobile phone app. Now, you can access country and region-specific business and entertainment information from anywhere via our mobile phone. For a limited time only, the application is free of cost.

  15. What steps must be taken to join one of your international teams?

    Take a look at our “jobs” section found at the bottom of the page to find out more about openings in our headquarters and around the world. This section outlines the job requirements and how the application process works.