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Sector: Consultants

SLG Holdings Limited

"Brightening The Future Together"

At Star Light Group Holdings, we know that potential investors' first question is "Who can I trust?" Myanmar is our home and with the exposure to international culture, SLG is uniquely positioned to understand doubts and confusion in this challenging environment. A family-owned business conglomerate, we operate in sectors ranging from real estate and development, construction, trading, healthcare, and educational institutions. With our core values in business ethics, we seek to implement the business strategies for the future that incorporate those ethics of hard work, valuing employees, cherishing the relationship with our clients and partners, and continuously questioning how much more we can do to better serve our clients and generate value for our company and our society.

Our clients - among them prestigious names such as Nestle, Maersk, Gold Roast and the British International School, a Nord Anglia Education school - engage in a long term partnership and have discovered that not only are we able to meet international standards, but we continue to look after their needs throughout the process and consider them to be part of our family.

How can we help you discover Myanmar's opportunities?

We can provide you with built-to-suit solutions that ease your entrance into Myanmar. With our localized expertise, we can help you enter Myanmar's market by leapfrogging entire stages in your businesses. From real estate to asset management in sectors as diverse as healthcare, commercial, retail, and industrial, we bring over twenty-five years of business experience and expertise together with the most modern international business practices to facilitate your success.

Myanmar is one of most interesting emerging markets today. The tools to enhance the growth potential of our investors and partners are within our reach. Together, we strive to add social value to our communities. Now more than ever, we hope to bring a better future with enduring partnerships backed by trust.

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