Mauritius: Interview with Mr. Philippe Espitalier-Noël

Mr. Philippe Espitalier-Noël

CEO (Rogers & Co. Ltd)

Mr. Philippe Espitalier-Noël

Rogers & Co. Ltd; Big business on a small island


In Mauritius, companies boasting more than 100 years of continued success are few and far between. One such company that fits this bill is the always innovative and ever-evolving Rogers & Co. Ltd, a Mauritian conglomerate with six subsidiaries in the aviation, financial services, hospitality, logistics, real estate and agribusiness, and technology sectors.


The company’s CEO, Mr. Philippe Espitalier-Noël, insightfully points out that much of their success is due to their willingness to adapt to the changing world economy. He goes on to say that, “After surviving two world wars, a significant global financial crisis, and the complete change of the world’s economic landscape, Rogers has always found a way to take advantage of opportunities in Mauritius and beyond.”


Mauritius is currently in the process of transitioning from a middle income to a high income economy, and Rogers is, as it always has been, along for the ride. While Rogers is happy to grow alongside its home country, one of its most impressive characteristics is the fact that it has always been conscience of the potential limitations a company from a small island may face when it comes to growth. To counter some of these restrictions, “Our strategy is oriented towards business areas where we can offer services to clients beyond our borders,” says Mr. Espitalier-Noël. Due to this forward-thinking strategy, the company has managed to gain notoriety and a physical presence across 3 continents: Asia, Europe and Africa.In terms of making lasting connections with the rest of the African continent, this company is often suggested as a great business to work with to meet this end.