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Range Developments - the Standard of Excellence in the Caribbean

Following the successful completion of the Park Hyatt St Kitts and the imminent opening of the Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, Dominica, Range Developments is undoubtedly the regional market leading developer of CBI funded resorts. This success has been rewarded with inclusion in CNN's "Best New Hotel in the Caribbean" for Park Hyatt St Kitts, and entry in Conde Nast's Hot List in its debut year.

Building on these successes, Range Developments has recently launched the Six Senses La Sagesse on the island of Grenada. This project broke ground on 23 August 2019, with the ceremony led by the Honorable Dr Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister of Grenada.

Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada has been approved under Grenada's Citizenship-by-Investment Program (CBI). An investment of US$220,000 (excluding applicable fees) into the project allows prospective investors, their children, their siblings and their parents of any age to apply for citizenship of Grenada and enjoy the multiple benefits that this confers.

Benefits of citizenship include visa-free travel (or visa on arrival) to more than 130 countries, including the United Kingdom, Russia, China, Schengen countries, the United Arab Emirates and many more. It worth noting that Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean with a CBI Program whose citizens are entitled to invest and apply for the US E-2 visa.

The combination of a Grenada citizenship and E2 visa is an effective way to reside in the United States. With a 10-year plus waiting lists and the recently announced price increase to US$1.8m for the EB5 program, there has never been a better time to consider this alternative route. An E2 visa can be obtained in weeks. The popularity of this option is increasing, especially when considered in light of the favorable tax regimes.

Grenada has an efficient citizenship by investment processing unit, with citizenship obtainable within 4 to 6 months without a residency or visitation requirement. Moreover, there is a 5-year holding period for the investment, after which it can be sold to another citizenship seeker and the original investor maintains their Grenadian citizenship.

Range was attracted to Grenada given the significant tourism potential the island holds. Grenada benefits from great year-round air lift and some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Grenada is a very livable island and the home of St Georges University which is an internationally acclaimed university. St Georges's was the No. 1 provider of doctors into first year US residencies for the last 10 years combined, according to the latest data.

Range, Grenada and Six Senses is a winning combination. Range Developments has an unbeaten track record of completion of 5-star luxury CBI resorts in a timely manner, but also a reputation of fulfilling its commitments and providing superior service. Moreover, Range has a very active CSR program in the countries in which it operates, with a specific focus on families, children, communities and entrepreneurs.