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SSA : Nigeria : Weafri Well Services Company Limited.

Name of company

Weafri Well Services Company Limited


2, Chevron Clinic Close off NPA Express-way, Edjeba – Warri. P. O BOX 2166, Warri, Delta State – Nigeria.


+234 (0)803-677-5987, (0)803-344-1815 , (0)803-407-0934, (0)803-407-0971, (0)805-225-8639.



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Oil and Gas Services


Founded in 1988, WEAFRI Well Services Company Limited is a PUMPING SERVICES COMPANY serving the oil and gas industries and specialized in Well Cementing, Pressure Pumping, Stimulation, Sand Control, Pipeline Services, Coiled Tubing and Nitrogen Services, Completions & Drilling Fluid products, Well Control & Wild Well Fire Control Services, Wellbore Clean up Tools/Chemicals Services, Waste Management, Filtration and Slick Line Services, Marine Equipment (Self Propelled and Flat Top Barges) Rentals. WEAFRI owns and operates fleets of onshore & offshore equipment for all her Services. Our high pressure pumping equipment includes Cementing Units (Truck and Skid Mounted), Pump units, Coiled Tubing & Nitrogen units, Filtration units and other Support and Logistics Equipment. WEAFRI is also engaged in chemical and industrial cleaning through the use of her high pressure Hydro Blasting pump unit.
Weafri being the first Nigerian Company with Primary Cementing and Well Intervention Services Capabilities, has developed to the leadership position of the first choice when it comes to high pressure pumping services, even among the multinationals. Weafri current successes in SHELL, ADDAX, EXXONMOBIL, AGIP, TOTAL, CHEVRON, SINOPEC, NPDC and PANOCEAN, have opened doors for more service opportunities with other prospective Operators.
Currently Weafri is Tendering for International jobs that will take her outside the shores of Nigeria.

Research And Technology Acquisition

Our overseas technical partners (Western Cementing and Mud Technology Inc.and Drilling Specialties Company), U. S. A. based companies, supplies us with all the innovations we need to keep pace with local and international technology in the industry with a view to adopting and introducing into Nigeria, a state-of-the-art techniques/technology and effective management.

Business Units

WEAFRI with its headquarters in Warri, Delta State, has branched out into three business centers; Port Harcourt, Lagos and Houston.

Warri: Operational Base: # 2, Chevron Clinic Drive off NPA Expressway, Edjeba.

Port Harcourt: Operational Base: #4, Eleme/Onne Road, Eleme Junction Off Aba Road.

Lagos: Liaison Office: 30 Wharf Road, Apapa

Houston: Research and Technology Acquisition Center: 10899 Kinghurst St. Suit 223, TX 77099.

Weafri Strength

Our Strength lies in our Staff, the Humane Resources. The Staff are the most important Assets of Weafri Well Services as a corporate organization.
Currently Weafri has a Staff strength of Two Hundred and fifty personnels. Both Managerial, Professionals and Non Skilled Labour.


The Success of Weafri lies in our Staff and the Training the staff undergoes from recruitment impacts this professionalism and dedication to succeed in them which is needed to produce cost effective results to our Clients.
These various trainings are continues up to Managerial level and is the most important factor in our Capacity building policy. The trainings are carried out both within and outside the country.


WEAFRI is committed to protecting the HEALTH of its Employees, Customers and Third Parties, carry out SAFE operations and protect the ENVIRONMENT. Our effective HSE Management System is a demonstration of our commitment to implement our HSE Policies.


WEAFRI through the implementation of the QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is committed to delivering quality services that consistently meet customers’ satisfaction with respect to cost, safety and reliability, through courteous, competent and trained professionals.

WEAFRI is certified to NIS ISO 9001:2000 Standards as part of our overall strategic plan for implementation of best business practices. This translates to excellence in our services and enables us to deliver on our promise of optimised costs, improved product reliability and performance.

Wireline Services

WEAFRI has both Electric and Mechanical Wireline Equipment to render E-line and Slickline services to compliment with our specialized oilfield services.

Well Control Services

Our success and expertise in wild well fire control in recent times has given us leadership role among the indigenous companies. Our skid mounted heat shield used to house portable fire monitors and marine manifold with cannons equipped with 4” size monitors with various foam nozzle sizes in conjunction with our HPHV flooding pumps can undertake any emergency wild well fire control situation. Our Technical partner BOOTS and COOTS of USA is a world first class Wild Well Fire Control specialists with proven track records in the Industry.

Nitrogen Services

WEAFRI offers a complete nitrogen services package to its clients. Our nitrogen pumping unit includes: skid mounted, self contained nitrogen pump and vaporizer system. It uses recovered waste energy from the power pack and hydraulic system to provide energy to convert the liquid nitrogen to gaseous nitrogen. Some of the services offered by WEAFRI in this area are; .Well Un-loading .Reservoir Stimulation, Sand Cleanout Services using Foam and Pipeline Purging.

Filtration Services

Our filtration equipment (VPL and Filter Press) and services provide the industry with filtered completion fluid at a rate to meet up the demand of Rig operations at our client’s location.

Coiled Tubing And Stimulation Services

The success of any stimulation treatment depends on the correct identification, interpretation and selection of the wells problem so that proper chemical/additives and treatment technique can be selected. We achieve this through the use of WEAFRI owned software for well performance analysis, Coil Tubing Forces analysis, Down Hole Hydraulic analysis and Real Time data Acqusition. These Stimulation chemicals are deployed to the desired depth/targeted zone with the use of Coiled Tubing. Down hole Tools used for well Operations are also deployed using Coiled Tubing.

Pipeline Services

When “Debris Accumulation” threatens the evacuation capacity of your pipeline network, WEAFRI Pipeline Services is the solution to increase the pipeline evacuation with our unique GEL PIG TECHNOLOGY.

Whichever system the client needs, water or oil based, WEAFRI Gel Pig Technology Services is the answer.
“Do not have Pigs & Debris kept stuck in the Pipeline, Get WEAFRI Gel Pig to shove them Out”

Silver Hawg Tool

As part of our corrosion/paraffin inhibition system, WEAFRI introduced the “Silver Hawg” tool that has proven to be efficient with respect to wax/scale inhibition in surface flow lines and also in production tubings.

Cementing Services

The major objective in primary cementing is good zone isolation, good formation/cement/casing bonding with ability to prevent matrix channeling while maintaining good well control stability. These objectives are achieved with good lab analysis/recipe formulation and proper slurry placement techniques carried out by well trained and dedicated professionals.
In order to execute the cementing operations, WEAFRI has fleets of cementing units powered by heavy duty diesel engines. These units have slurry recirculation/mixing units equipped with Automatic Density Control (ADC) and Data Acquisition Systems.

Laboratory Services

WEARFI integrated laboratory provides modern testing methods to meet these objectives under the latest API specifications and recommended practices. To optimize the results of a cementing job, it is important to fully investigate the properties of slurries, pre-flushes and spacers to be used, and their interaction with well bore fluids and also the well safety.
We believe the best possible results can be achieved when the rheology, thickening time, fluid loss and compressive strength development using the latest VISCOMETER, HPHT CONSISTOMETER, HPHT FILTER PRESS and UCA equipment are fully evaluated. Our laboratory Services is critical to the success of WEAFRI operations. Here the slurries are carefully designed to match the most demanding applications.
To aid in the design and evaluation of cementing jobs, WEAFRI uses CEMFLOW, CENTRA and CEMENT-3 softwares. These are specifically designed to provide our Engineers with a comprehensive engineering aspect of the operations be it cementing, stimulation or pipeline operations.

Port-Harcourt Office:
Branch Office: 4, Eleme/Onne Road, P. O. BOX 8087, Port- Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.
Tel: +234 (0)84 798633, (0)805-331-9859, (0)803-407-0464, (0)803-407-0932, (0)803-407-0934.
E-mail: <>

Lagos Office :
30, Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos.
Tel: +234 (0)803-407-0932

Usa Office :
USA Office: 10899 Kinghurst Street, Suite 223, Houston, Texas 77099
Tel: +1 713-668-6979


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