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SSA : Nigeria : Midis Energy Services Limited.

Name of company Midis Energy Services Limited.

Lagos Office Area 9025sq



29, Alhaji Bashorun Street
S.W. Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria


+234 1 4630800/ 271 5438


+234 1 2710780

Port Harcourt Office Area 1167sq



43a Nzimiro Street Amadi Flats Old Gra Port Harcourt, Nigeria


+234 84 901429

Contact Mail


Oil and Gas Services

Company Brief

Midis Energy Services Limited (RC 639040 Nigeria) is a wholly owned Nigerian company incorporated on 11th of November,2005 and has since commenced operation in Lagos providing Professional Engineering Solutions to the Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Ship Building /Repair idustries in Nigeria.

Midis Energy Services Limited is a one-stop shop service to the petroleum and energy sectors with a structure that includes:

• Technical and managerial personnel with high level of experience and skill
• Strong day to day oversight management and system
• State of the art web based work management tools HMS
• A support structure of in house engineering, procurement and logistics.

Midis Energy desires to serve the oil and gas, generation, shipbuilding/repair industries in Nigeria by providing superior:

• Commissioning
• Consulting and Engineering
• Operations and Maintenance
• Training Services

Mission and Vission

It is the Midis Energy Services Limited mission and vision to help the clients get to commercial operations faster. Serving as a catalytic element in the integration of various contributions to a project in a professional and expeditious way while maintaining a strong commitment to health, safety and preservation of the environment.

We recognize the excellent potential for local content and developing in country capabilities.

Management of Risk

Since its inception in 2005, the name Midis Energy Services Limited has become synonymous with excellence in provision of manpower or staffing services, which includes full lump sum of responsibility for a complete platform pre commissioning, commissioning, start up, training, operation and maintenances contracts, supply of competent drilling team, engineering expertise and skilled manpower based on project demands.
With its state of art management tools, its structural branch supports branch support bases and partnerships, Midis Energy Services guarantees satisfaction of its client’s diverse needs. The company offers a broad array of solutions that are complete, integrate innovative, always in strict accordance with international standards of quality, terms, cost and safety. The Midis Energy Services Limited organization and structure also includes functions such as logistics, expediting and purchasing support.


Focusing on the commitment to client satisfaction, Midis Energy Services guarantee benefit based on:

• Highly skilled Techinical Personnel
• Management Oversight Systems
• Engineering Support and Planning
• Procurement and Logistics
• Advanced Information Technology
• Quality and HSE Policies

Technical Personnel
Midis Energy Services employs over 30 highly skilled engineers and technical personnel with approximately 10 of these working on the home and field offices. These 30s plus individuals have on the average, more than 10 years experience in oil gas, energy and ship building/repair industries.

Management Oversight Systems
Inherent in all project performed by Midis Energy Services Limited is management oversight utilizing detailed planning and contract administration. Utilizing daily reports generated in the field via sophisticated IT web-based systems, Midis Energy Services Limited management can monitor and control the flow of work as well as adherence to schedule and budget.

Project Management Skills
In Midis Enegry, the excellence in project management is based on an efficient combination of processes, tools and methods, and adherence to the very best international practices. These practices are adapted to the characteristics and requirement of each client and the particular venture, matured and consolidated in the innumerable offshore and onshore projects executed by Midis Enegry.
Dedication to the final results and entrusting its project to those who make project their specialty is the most intelligent approach to cost reduction and guaranteed results.
Utilization methodology based on internationally recognized guidelines of the Project Management Institute PMI, Midis Energy Services Projects Managers possess high caliber qualification in their field, as much as due to their practical experience as to their academic back grounds or indeed to the intense training the company provides. Operating from the Midis Energy Services offices or at the clients’ own premises, they perform any task, ranging from providing consulting services for local management team, right up to overall management of a given project.

Engineering Support and Planning
The engineering support team is composed of engineers and designers able to draw on vast background knowledge of every project stage. Their job is to plan the work of the field team and provide support in the resolution of problems that arise during the execution of the contract. The level of efficiency and productivity of the services executed by Midis Energy Services Limited is strongly determined by the engineering support and planning provided to the teams for management, co ordination and execution of oil field activities, thus avoiding lost time and disruptions in the development of tasks, as well as ensuring, whenever necessary, the correct solutions to problems and non conformities arising in the installations.

Advanced Information Technology
An integration network of the very latest computer systems intensively supports Midis Energy executive, management and operational processes, providing high degrees of efficacy, quality and control.
Midis Energy methodology of project management and commissioning is solidly supported by the efficacious utilization of Handover management systems - HMS specially developed by Midis Energy Services Limited itself.

The HMS Manages documentation mechanism, programming and control of activities, materials, certifications of items, pending matters and monitoring of project progress.
The HMS is completely flexible, allowing adaptation of records and functions to the characteristics pertaining to a whole spectrum of project types and client requirement. Its modern Web architecture allows on line communication among the teams engaged in planning, and engineering phase right up to final delivery.

Procurement and Logistics
The management of a clients projects must be made in an integrated strategic manner, all activities properly planned and co ordinate, optimizing all available resources, aiming, fundamentally at achieving gains in the process. For this purpose, the company may form a partnership or employ its own logistical and procurement systems, as well as infrastructure and qualified personnel necessary for execution of the activities of procurement, transportation, mobilization and demobilization of teams and materials, accommodation arrangement and a whole array of activities contained in the execution of the projects.

Quality and HSE Policies
It is d determination of Midis Energy administration, through integration and development of all the organization collaborators, to permanently direct their activities forward.
Full compliance with clients’ requirement, aiming at maximization of results.
Guaranteeing improvement in the Quality Management System (QMS) and Health, Safety and the Environment and HSE as well as level of technology attained in the company, endeavoring to progressively raise productivity in the execution of processes.
Pursuit of technical advancement and personal satisfaction of the collaborators is accomplished through promotion of pleasant work atmosphere, investment in education and qualification of its people, offering prospects for their professional growth,
Commitment to the vendors, deploying QMS and HSE systems, along with relentless effort to meet company performance targets, contributes to the establishment of permanent relationship of close, affective partnership.
Ensuring results set forth in contracts, identifying and treating them as means for sustaining company objectives and as guarantee longevity.


• Commissioning/Integration - Including Inspection, Preservation, cold Test, Energized Test and Start up
• Operation and Maintenance Assisted and Long Term for Wellheads/X-mas Trees
• Project closure
• Machining and Fabrication of Compressor, Turbine, Valve, Pump, Boiler, Motor, Control System, Electrical Systems, etc
• Skilled Manpower supply /Consultancy Services
• Construction and Technical Support
• Blasting and Painting
• Inspections and Testing
• Training
• Projecting Management
• Other Associated construction supervision, Automation Engineering and Installation plus Electro Mechanical Assembly.

Commissioning/Itegration Receipt Inspection, Preservation, Cold Test, Energized Tests And Start Up
Putting into a fully functioning state of the systems and thousands of components that go into assembling a platform, power plant or vessel after months of planning, engineering and construction is what commissioning is all about. Safe, efficient execution and right on schedule are marked characteristics Of MIDIS ENERGY, whose principal, competences lies in managing tasks, budget and schedules.

For each project, MIDIS Energy Services Limited assigns a team of a project manager, engineers, field technicians and operators with specialized knowledge and broad experience in the specific plant systems and equipment.

Midis Enerdy Services offers a complete solution through its integrated commissioning process that involves:

• Overall commissioning planning
• A customizable Web based System of management and commissioning certification
• Co-ordination, Execution and certification of field Activities receipt inspection, preservation, inspections, calibrations and test of all types
• Co ordination of vendors support
• Punch List clearance and control
• Start up
• Initial Operation and maintenance
• Certification of conformance
• Operation and maintenance Manuals
• System Handover to commercial Operation.

Operation And Maintenance Assisted And Long Term
Operation and maintenance of oil and gas wellheads/x-mas trees, platforms and power generations’ facilities are an important part of the Midis Energy Services package of engineering services.
From Midis Energy initial involvement in the design processes, through out the phases of engineering, fabrication, construction, assembly, commissioning and start up the focus is on the safe and reliable operations and maintenance of the clients’ facility.

Services Provided Before “Hand Over”

• Operations and maintenance during pre commissioning and start up
• Preparations of O&M manuals and operational and maintenance procedures
• Formation of clients O&M team personnel selections/development and training
• Preparation and implementation of health, safety and environmental programs.
• Asset Life Management ALM establishment of a base line for O&M team reference.

Services Provided After “Hand Over”

• Long term operation and maintenance supervision and support
• Compliance programs license, certificate, testing routine and reporting
• Development of a maintenance management program for preventive, predictive planned and upset conditions
• Management of third party vendor support.
• Spare parts/consumables/tools management and procurement.
• Programs for maximum of plant performance/reliability/availability and asset life extension.

Project Closure
Midis Energy Services Limited has the capability to undertake the closure of major projects.
This service is characterized by the need to provide solutions, in the very short term, for the innumerable technical details and managerial problems that arise in the final phase, above all, the clearance of pending matters on pending matters on punch list and in the definitive handover of systems for commercial operations.

Through a combination of highly skilled experience professionals and procedures, well tested and proven in practice, Midis Energy Services Limited acts as a tasks force, capable of assuming control rapidly, identifying problems, prioritizing action and adopting measures required in order not only to avoid a troublesome final phase, but also to provide an outcome compatible with the importance of the project, as well as concluding all physical and documental aspects.
In reality, Midis Energy Services Limited mobilizes all its capabilities, in an integrated manner in the service of the concluding stage of projects, avoiding abandoned and future problems, keeping to the schedule and within pre defined contractual costs.

Projects Closure Services May Include

• Management of resources for projects closure
• Assistance to project management
• As built drawing inputs
• Automation
• Initial operation and maintenance
• Training
• Commissioning
• Co-ordination and assistance to vendors
• Electro mechanical assembly
• Procurement and logistics
• Systems handover.

Documentation Support O&M Manuals
The Midis Nenergy Services Limited teams being intimately involved with the integration of all the component, subsystem and systems and systems involved in a project are the right mix for the Operation and Manual working jointly with the Clients O&M staff to pull together all of the vendors Literature as well as writing coherent operation and maintenance procedures.

Skilled Manpower Supply/Consultancy Services
In Midis Energy the people are our principal strength, our experience, dedicated professionals are on duty 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, and can promptly assemble a team for every eventuality. Our staffs’ continuous development expands our capacity to meet our clients needs.
Midis Enegy Services Limited provides experience professionals for project management, supervision, engineering, construction, start up, commissioning operation and maintenance, training, preparation of O and M manuals, among other related consulting services.
Midis Energy Services Limited employees are not well trained and qualified, but are also imbued with the determination to ensure conclusion of the project within the schedule and budget from a simple emergency support team to the most comprehensive long term operation and maintenance team, from a single individual to a complete team, Midis Energy Services Limited field the first talent to achieve the utmost for its clients.

Midis Energy Services Limited has over twenty courses available for training of its staff and individuals nominated by clients that are participating in a given projects. Courses are available in the categories listed below or specific customized training can be provided on both basic skills and sophisticated systems and equipment:

• General Business Concepts
• Projects Management
• Contract management
• Inspection
• Engineering Commissioning and O and M
• Documentation
• Project management Tools
• Instrumentation and Automation
• Mechanical/ Piping Systems
• Electrical and Telecom System
• Offshore Systems and procedures.

Project Management
One of the keys to success in execution of engineering services is management capacity in conjunction with the technical aspects of the key activity. As a result this, the company is well equipped to render management services for industrial projects, offering its clients the opportunity to have their projects conducted by a team of highly specializing and experienced professionals, guarantee of delivery of units in optimal performance/ conditions on schedule and within the costs established in compliance with all the engineering and safety rules applicable to each project.
Midis Energy Services Limited expertise in project management allows the client the possibility of benefitting from the ultimate, in terms of human resources, techniques and tools available in each activity, without having to make any outlay in terms of initial investment or operating costs, not least avoiding having to maintain its own specialized team.

Owners Engineer
Senior Midis Energy professional are often called upon to act as Owners Engineer to provide oversight of the work of EPC contractors assuring adherence to design and contractual and schedule requirement.

Project Support

• Contract critique/negotiation support
• Contract Administration
• Project schedule management
• O&M vendor selection
• Equipment recommendation
• Work site evaluation and selection
• Schedule review and monitoring
• Project follow-up

Work Site Services

• General Surveillance
• Acquisition audits
• Project management supervision
• Quality assurance supervision
• Supervision and monitoring of equipment/facility testing
• Progress reporting
• Procedure and Training Reviews
• As build review
• Project compliance monitoring
• Documentation

Designs Reviews

• Equipment selection process
• Construction and start up
• Strategy review
• Spare part strategy
• Specification evaluation
• Design drawing review
• Scheduling support

Procurement /Logistics Support
As part of the support services for the core business of commissioning, O&P and training, Midis Energy Services Limited has in house teams to provide procurement and logistics support as follows:

• Maintenance of a list of approved Nigerian/international vendors
• Procurement management system
• Expediting activities
• Accompaniment of factory tests
• Logistics and administrative support

Other Associated Services
Services such as Construction Supervision, Automation Engineering, Installation and Electro Mechanical Assembly can also be provided on as needed basis.

Client Reference List (Major Customers)
Nigerian Petroleum Development Company NPDC
Nigerian Gas Company NGC
Shell Petroleum Development Company SPDC
Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Limited SNEPCo
Chevron Nigeria Limited
Addax Petroleum



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