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SSA : Nigeria : Euroflow Desingns Limited

Name of company Euroflow Desingns Limited


Block 64, Plot A-E Chevy Estate,
Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria


+234 (0)803 306 8691, +234 (0)803 329 7110, +234 (0)702 918 7245



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Oil and gas engineering

EUROFLOW Designs Ltd.

EUROFLOW Designs Ltd. is one of the leading oil service companies offering engineering, project management and technical support services to the upstream sector of the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.
Euroflow Designs Ltd is a Private Limited Company incorporated on the 28th of May, 1996, with registered headquarter office in Lagos and branch offices in: Port-Harcourt, Eket and Warri, Nigeria.

Quality Policy Statement

Euroflow is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with relevant indigenous certificates, COREN and DPR -covering all core areas in its operations and services.
Euroflow Designs Ltd is fully committed to providing consistently high quality services to clients in the areas of Engineering, Project Management and Technical Support Services. Accordingly, we shall establish and maintain a Quality Management System whose design and structure shall meet the requirements of International Standard, (ISO 9001:2000) in consonance with corporate and statutory requirements while guaranteeing the ability to meet our corporate goals.


Our vision is to be the foremost company offering engineering, project management and tecnica support services to the upstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry in Africa, providing efficient world-class quality service to our customers’ around the African Continent and beyond.

Mission Statement

The company’s mission is to become the best company offering engineering and project management, and technical support services to the upstream sector of the Nigerian Oil industry.
This will be achieved through a dedicated and committed team of highly skilled professionals and the use of strategic alliances with highly reputable international companies who have expertise and experience in same line of business.

Euroflow’s Values

As an efficient and responsible organization, we value:

• Professionalism and efficiency
• Quality Service
• Teamwork
• Honesty and Transparency
• Justice and Equity
• Effective Communication.


Client satisfaction is a cardinal aspect of our strategic business objective.
Our clients/customers are highly valued and regarded at all times. We are ready to listen; provide the best service and ensure value for the money spent by all customers/ clients.
We ensure all customers leave with smiles of satisfaction and are willing to call back and refer others to us.


We regard our people i.e. (employees) as the greatest asset of the company; they are well cared for and constantly motivated for productive work.


Euroflow’s capabilities include the provision of a wide range of consultancy, managerial and supervisory services.

Key Capabilities and Main Lines of Business:

• Consultancy Services
• Technical Support Services - Provision of technical and engineering professionals
• Procurement, Inspection and Expediting
• FEED and Detailed Engineering Design for Brownfield and field Development Work.
• Subsea Inspection / Diving Services / Marine Engineering
• Field Operations Maintenance/and Asset Integrity Management

Consultancy Services

Euroflow offers technical and managerial expertise and innovative solutions to achieve the desired business quality and economic performance objectives.

Industry acclaimed commitment and performance with results over the years in the Oil and Gas sector of the Nigerian economy.

Technical Support Services

Euroflow provides needed technical expertise to facilitate project execution by engaging seasoned and experienced professionals. Manpower can be readily supplied on ad hoc, short term or long term contracts at the customer’s desired location worldwide.

Procurement, Inspection and Expediting

Euroflow can arrange all procurement functions including engineering, bid evaluation and recommendation to award, as well as expediting and inspection services.
Export and import services can also be arranged. Quality control is assured by using sophisticated NDT and statistical methods.

Feed & Detailed Engineering Design for Brownfield and Field Development Work
Euroflow provides a wide range of expertise in engineering design. These services include execution of initial Front- End engineering and Design activities to determine the feasibility and initial project cost estimates of the project.
Euroflow also conducts/produces engineering calculations, process flow diagrams, process and instrumentation diagrams, detailed engineering drawings of mechanical equipment, piping, electrical, instrumentation and civil-structural, preparation of construction sub-packages for Detailed-Design, approval of vendor drawings, inspection of vendor’s /sub-contractors’ fabrications.

Subsea Inspection/ Diving services/ Marine Engineering

Euroflow provides quality inspection, diving and marine engineering services by utilizing high-end equipment, proven software & information technology and competent qualified personnel.

Euroflow subsea inspection service include API RP 2A-WSD Level II & IIIsurveys such as marine growth surveys, anode surveys, visual inspection for structural integrity, and cathodic protection readings, wall thickness survey, video surveys. Flooded Member detections, corrosion pit measurement and magnetic particle inspections are carried out when required.

Euroflow provides highly skilled professional divers (local and international) from CSWIP 3.1U, 3.2U to 3.4U Euroflow carries out marine engineering of varying complexities.

Facilities and Pipelines Maintenance / Asset Integrity Management

Euroflow provides assistance in the identification and mitigation of risks related to your asset’s integrity throughout its life cycle from concept to decommissioning, while assisting the operational performance and safety. This is achieved by development and handling of operating procedures and maintenance planning, including spare parts logistics and warehousing.

Typical projects

Euroflow engineers have handled projects including those detailed below. Extreme conditions from -37°C to +55°C have been encountered.

1. Technical Support Services, (TSS) for Nigerian MPN projects
2. Engineering of up to 30,000 man-hours per project

• North Apoi Production Platform Revamp
• Funiwa Production Platform Revamp.

3. Inspection and Maintenance services of single point Mooring systems offshore.


Euroflow is able to provide a range of services and expertise especially in West Africa, Europe, USA and the Middle East. More so, our clients in Nigeria can harness our available facilities for a variety of engineering, Project management and technical support services, where contracts can be arranged on risk-sharing, per-
formance related or partnering terms to suit individual project requirements and business objectives.



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