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SSA : Nigeria : Ciscon Nigeria Limited.

Name of company Ciscon Nigeria Limited.

Address West Africa Region

Km 14 PH/ABA Expressway
P.O. Box 6082
Port Harcourt
River State, Nigeria


+234 (0)84-612273, 612082, 6120083


+234 (0)84-612080
website N/A

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Oil and gas Services

Ciscon Nigeria Limited
…focusing on excellence

CISCON NIGERIA LIMITED is a fully Nigerian owned company, providing a range of services to the Oil and Gas and Solid Minerals Industries.
From its humble beginning in 1986, CISCON now operates from four centers - its headquarters in Port Harcourt and branch offices in Warri offices provide Geological, Engineering, Training and Consulting services, while the Lagos Office as a Liaison centre.
In accordance with our operating maxim - Focusing on Excellence, CISCON is committed to delivery of quality Services to all its clients in the safest, cost-effective and most efficient way possible. CISCON has obtained ISO 9001:2001 quality management certification.
With a staff strength of over 200, composed of some of the finest professionals in their respective fields, CISCON is equipped for the challenges of today and poised for those of the future, in the Oil and Gas and Solid Minerals Industries.


Ciscon is an indigenous Nigerian company which provides various products and technical services to the petroleum industry. At Ciscon, we focus on excellence. In addition to this, we have employed proven business strategies, which distinguish our quality of services.

• Management team with over 80 years of combined oil field experience
• Indigenous Nigerian Company with appropriate executive involvement
• Employee proven business strategies to distinguish our quality of service
• Encourage "hands-on", dynamic and entrepreneurial management style
• Maintain a work environment that motivates and rewards employees
• Evaluate research and development of technological advances in the industry
• Deliver novel technology of products and services
• Committed to safe system of work, safe equipment, personal protective equipment and appropriate training to all staff to ensure that gains derivable are adequately harnessed.


We provide Well Completion Services with equipment that meets AISI standards. CISCON has completed numerous wells including an intelligent well.
Liner Hanger services became one of our product lines in 1999. Since then we have demonstrated professionalism through a strategic partnership with the Smith International Incorporated (Lindsey Group) who provides the technology, training and support, while CISCON provides management, staff and supervision. We have successfully ran several liner hanger systems.
This has been one of our services since inception. Tubular Sevices is our "household name".
Geological Services came into our product line around 1995. Presently, we cover over 4 rigs in Mud Logging. Our services include, but are not limited to Analytical, Chemical Sales, Hydro physical and Engineering Geological Investigation, Environmental Studies, Resource Evaluation of Minerals Services e.t.c. We have a strategic partnership with Stratagraph Incorporated.
Drilling Tools Rental Services started with the inception of CISCON. We provide drilling tools equipments to the oil and gas industry.
Through partnership arrangement with Davies Lynch we supply Cementing aids equipments and services to the oil and gas industry.
Fully developed Machine Shop equipped to handle all challenges in the present oil, gas and marine industry that is of standard.

For more and detailed information on Ciscon products and services please follow the link below:
Technical Partners - Business Partners

Ciscon, in the desire to offer excellent services to the oil and gas industry have a good working relationship with highly technical companies in the United States. Some of these companies are:

Smith International, Inc.

Ciscon has been in partnership with Smith International, Inc. (Lindsey Liner Group) for about 10 years, running their different Liner Hangers and Completion Systems.
Smith Completion Technology has over 49 years of experience in the design of well completion. Smith Int. Inc. (Lindsey) is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of Pocket Slip Liner Hanger System that provide liner hanging capacity with minimal supporting casing stresses. In addition to this, a full complement of various styles and types of liner hangers and liner accessory equipment is manufactured at the Office location, in Houston.

Davis-Lynch, Inc.

Similarly, Ciscon has been representing Davis-Lynch in Nigeria for over ten (10) years. We run and sell several of Davis-Lynch's products like Integral Casing Packers, Centralizers, Fill-up and Circulating Packers and Float equipment.

Stratagraph, Inc.

Established in 1961, Stratagraph is one of the pioneers in the mud logging industry. For over thirty-nine years we have consistently improved our capabilities to monitor, record, and display drilling functions. In this technological age, research and development is vital for any company wanting to stay competitive and to assume a leadership position. Our commitment to the future is absolute. Each member of our staff is dedicated and committed to improving and enhancing our services and discovering innovative directions for tomorrow.
One reason Stratagraph is able to consistently outperform the competition is due in large part to our flexibility. We are able to custom-design software and hardware configurations for any of our customers requirements. From a field development project to the most volatile high pressure exploration well, we have the equipment and qualified personnel to handle any project. We are unsurpassed in not only the number of wells logged, but also in the footage logged in the Gulf of Mexico and coastal plain. Operations world wide include Western Africa and Mexico.

Superior Manufacturing & Hydraulics, Inc.

Superior Manufacturing & Hydraulics, Inc., was established in 1980 with one goal in mind, to offer the oilfield marine, mining, forestry, fishing, and construction industry products and service at a fair price from a company that stands behind its work.
Our service and re-manufacturing division offers a wide range of products and services. From system design and fabrication to 24-hour on site service, Superior Manufacturing & Hydraulics, Inc. offers unsurpassed dedication and experience to industries dependent on hydraulic systems.

During the years we have held fast to those principles, expanding those same ideals to our CLINCHER Products Division. We established this division to meet the needs of service companies requiring equipment to fill specific needs which were not currently being met in the marketplace.
We are a leading designer and manufacturer of "high tech" tubular connection equipment. Throughout our history we have strived to produce equipment that meets or exceeds our customer's needs and expectations.
It is our goal to administer a full team commitment towards quality, with emphasis on excellence, in manufacturing, service, and 100% customer satisfaction.
Take a minute and browse through our website then visit our contact page. Let us know if there is a special need or service that we can help you with.


The Health, Safety & Environmental Management System (HS&E MS) demonstrates Ciscon's commitment to ensure consistent and effective management of health, safety and environmental matters. The system promotes continuous improvement by ongoing measurement and evaluation of performance against established standards. It also provides an effective HS&E management interface with clients and contractors.
It is the policy of Ciscon to plan and execute all its activities in such a manner that: 1. The safety, health and security of employees, contractors' employees and members of the public who may be involved in its operations are safe guarded or preserved. 2. Reduce impact of our operations on the environment. 3. Be sensitive to the concerns of the host communities.
In implementing this policy, management shall be fully committed to and shall continue to provide safe system of work, safe equipment, personal protective equipment and appropriate training to all our staff to ensure that gains derivable are adequately harnessed. The company's monthly HSE meeting shall continue to be chaired by me and I urge you all to attend all appropriate levels of the meetings as a means of promoting HSE consciousness.
Ciscon management recognizes the fact that prevention of accidents requires cooperative efforts as well as committed attitude of mind to HSE. As a consequence of this fact, the responsibility for preventing any kind of incidents rests with every one of you. You shall be required to use and respect all protective equipment provided by the company and to comply with all HSE rules and regulations. Immediate action shall be taken to remove or minimize all hazard observed. While assuring you of management support, We enjoin you all to participate actively in all HSE programmed for improved standards.

Putting the well-being of the people first, Safety ranks next as the major important area of CISCON's day-to-day concern.
CISCON is fully committed to and provides safe systems of work, safe equipment, personal protective equipment and appropriate training to its entire staff and contractors'employees and other members of the public who are involved in its operations. The company's monthly Community Affairs Safety Health Environment and Security (CASHES) meeting helps to refocus and continuously stress the company's concern about people, safety, health and the environment to our entire staff. Happily, our safe record has been on a yearly upward rise and we hope to keep it that way.


Planning is critical to the elimination of identified risks or management of them to ALARP(As Low As Reasonable Practicable). This requires competent staff following adequate and appropriate procedure. The HSE plan contained the HSE related activities needed to deliver and keep risks levels at ALARP and permits the development of viable HSE case. The HSE plan is a supporting document to the overall Operations Execution Plan and contains links to clients Business Model.
Procedures and Work Instructions:
Document Control procedures are in place and maintained for activities, which are considered critical to the management of HSE. This includes:

• Necessary procedure to manage environmental matters effectively.
• Work instructions for HSE critical task at work site level will be documented by clients.
• Work instructions will be identified in the HSE case for specific HSE critical activities or operations.
• Personnel responsible for preparing procedures and work instructions are required to be closely involved with the activities concerned.
• Procedures and work instructions will be written simply and unambiguously indicating personnel responsible.
• Procedures and work instructions will include the methods to be used and where appropriate state performance standards and other criteria to be satisfied.

Emergency Response and Contingency:
The following emergency response and contingency plans are in place.

1. Emergency fire response plans.
2. Man over board plans.
3. Medical Evacuation plans.
4. First Aid Plans.
5. Armed Robbery Attack plans.
6. Community Riots plans.
7. House Boat Drifting.
Every staff shall be inducted about the safety signals posted in all strategic locations in work place and sites.



All personnel will strive to ensure that physical mental or emotional impairment is recognized and managed. It is the individuals ultimate responsibility to ensure that any impairment does not advisedly affect safety performance. Supervisory staff in their own area of responsibility will provide supervision to assist individuals, monitor performance and initiate corrective action where necessary.
HSE Activities And Tasks:
Ciscon plan is to reduce the risk of incidents being caused by an individual's impaired health having an immediate impact on safety. HSE critical activities for the operations will be carried out through implementation of the HSE plan as follows:

1. Update the Environmental Impact Assessment to account for most recent operations and recommendations from the CASHES panel review.
2. Initiate and maintain an HSE action Feedback Loop capturing actions from the consolidations operations.
3. Evaluate Contractors' HSE management system for operations.
4. Establish HSE responsibilities for each department.
5. Establish HSE performance standards.
6. Initiate HEMP, understand major hazards and effects, assess associated risks.
7. Develop a Waste Management Plan Develop Audit and Review programme.
8. Establish HSE document register.
9. Update HSE plan including environmental management aspects.
10. Establish operations / maintenance organization line HSE responsibilities.
11. Develop and carry out operations/ maintenance HSE / HEMP induction workshops for the personnel.
12. Develop Emergency Response plan.
13. Ensure HSE cases are current and aligned with operating philosophy.
14. Evolve HSE plan in Asset HSE year plan.
Collation and Preparation of HSE Data:
Data for the HSE planned activities will be collected collated and prepared by the operations disciplines. The CASHES Department will carry out HSE data gathering for the operations. The data required includes:
1. Operations schedules and milestones.
2. HSE related studies from the concept of the operations, to act as a starting point for further studies and capture learning point.
3. Reports and study documents from the operations.
The company recognizes that the HSE motivation lies in proactive leadership and a person's continued well being. Awards are only a part of the incentives and recognition process. Ciscon strongly supports the HSE believes that proactive HSE performance should be recognized.
This information will form part of the overall operation documentation. A simple operation HSE document numbering system will be developed to permit easy reference to be made to the HSE Document Register for HSE Case production.
Non-compliance and Corrective Action:
Monitoring, inspections and audits will be used to identify non-compliance along with measurements of environmental and health performance and data against regulatory limits. Non-compliance will be managed using Corrective Action Procedures.
Follow up on non-compliance shall form an inherent part of the HSE - MS and shall be reviewed as appropriate in the CASHES meeting and management meetings.


Ciscon believes that it is important to maintain a common vision of the HSE objectives and monitor progress in achieving them through the operations both in workshops and work sites.
The HSE Department will prepare and maintain the Audit and Review reports. Audit and Review Plan will involve our clients, to preserve independence and scope of the audit. Audit and Review findings, will be rated as high, medium or low severity. Audit and Review will be required to provide an independent of the implementation of HSE-MS and ISO 14001 by Ciscon Management.
Audit / Review will be carried out at key milestones in the operations. Management Reviews of processes and their effectiveness. E.g. HSE management in workshops and Job Hazards Analysis. Ciscon Management meetings and HSE meeting will be utilized as main venues for ensuring progress to close out of Audit / Reviews and for sharing learning.

Audit and Review Programme:

The Audit and Review Programme is contained in Ciscon "Quality Assurance Plan"

Ciscon Focus:

Ciscon Management Systems and Control Audit, including review of data / document management. Review of the HSE cases.

Ciscon and Contractor focus:

Quarterly operations HSE Audit Review training programme for Ciscon and contractors operations staff.


Inspections are conducted at frequent periodic interval in workshops and work sites and shall always produce written "findings" with recommended actions.


The HSE-MS is continuously review by the management to ensure that its effectiveness, suitability and objectives are not compromised.

Branch Office:

Ciscon Nigeria Ltd.
75,Ogunu Road,Ogunu,
332008 Warri,
Delta State,Nigeria.
(053) 250512, 250473, 320083
(+234)- 084-612-080

Usa Office:

10375 Richmond #950
Houston, Texas 77042
(281) 449-5512
(281) 449-5520




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