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SSA : Angola : I.P.L. – Investimentos Planeta, Lda.

Name of company I.P.L. – Investimentos Planeta, Lda.


Av. Duque de Chiazi, B. 4 de Fevereiro Caixa Postal, 438


+244 231220754 / 231220947





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Oil & Gas

We are a national company, currently seeking opportunities to expand business into Luanda and Lobito. We provide scaffolding services to CABGOC in Malongo. 92% of our employees in Cabinda are Angola as of April 2008.

Scaffold material arrived November 2007
Local management screens applicants

We are also present in the employee training area with:

-Full safety certification module training, conducted in Cabinda;
-Proficiency/Competencies testing;
-English competency testing;
-Stepped individual training plan per employee.

Scaffold Safety:

-Lighter components for ease of handling;
-Self locking horizontals;
-Fixed scaffold ladders;
-Components stack flat won’t roll off of decks;
-Eliminates most plywood and board overlaps.

Productivity / Cost Saving:

-Fewer people to install and dismantle – 25% improvement relative to other designs;
-25% lighter than conventional scaffolding material due to design, rental rate is cheaper because rental rate is based on tonnage;
-15% lighter  than other scaffolding systems due to unique design;
-Billing rates are 10% less composite & employee wage scale is greater due to overhead being less than competition;
-One person can install horizontal members, verticals and braces;
Scaffold can be used to Rig and support equipment, can eliminate need for fabricated lifting frames in some case – ex: crane booms, motor pulls, etc.


-We have 750 metric tons of scaffolding material in Angola;
-400 tons of material are available to other projects:
-2 standard trucks, 1 flatbed truck and 1 30 foot trailer for moving equipment from the yard to the dock as required, reduces transportation time
-two forklifts (8000lbs.)
-two buses 44 passenger (for transport of scaffold builders from Cabinda to MALONGO); one bus is a spare
-tools and consumables (each person receives a tool box with their own scaffolding tools)

PERI Scaffolding System:

-Innovative in the Formwork market;
-used in more than 60 countries worldwide
                -Open frame with Light & Easy to handle parts
                -Infinite combination of the Rosett & frame components
                -Integrated protection against lift off
                -guardrail in advance without additional work

With the newest and most efficient system available in the industry, IPL will:

-Provide Scaffolding solutions along with full design & erection & dismantling (E&D) services for almost any type of project, including:

-Provide Scaffolding for both industrial & commercial markets

We provide trained national labor:

-92% national workforce;
-5 year plan to eliminate expat management;
-efficient 3 man crews
-training plan with graduated rates


-our scaffolding is capable of performing all scaffolding tasks both technically and economically possible with a frame scaffold, but with an extraordinary high degree of safety

Safety advantages:

-lighter components for ease of handling;
-self-locking horizontals;
-internal ladder system available;
-components stack flat & won’t roll off decks.

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